The movie trailer you ought to watch…

Seems like this is almost a follow-up to my last blog rant, about the Scottish government’s inability to see the harm that the erection of dozens of useless turbines in wild areas will cause to the environment, the tourist industry and just about everything else that Scotland has going for it.

One of the other great environmental insults to Scotland’s wild treasure’s is being inflicted in the name of another big business – golf. You probably know that American dollar collector Donald Trump is creating a luxurious golf courses among otherwise unspoiled sand dunes at Menie, just north of Balmedie on the north east coast.

This only a few short miles away from where I finished one of my early TGO Challenge backpacking expeditions across Scotland – two weeks to walk across what it’d take Trump a few minutes to fly across in his private jet, and seemingly even less time to convince the Scottish government that he should be allowed to trash the area.

I chose the location of my finish point – Forvie Kirk – because it’s a peaceful, unspoiled spot, one where I could reflect on the fortnight among the wildness before heading back to work.

This film trailer helps put across something of the disgrace the development represents to Scotland as a country, and also voices some important questions: why has it been allowed to go ahead when even the Scottish government’s own environmental advisers – and every environmental body you can think of – advised against it.

Visit the film’s website here to see how you can help get it finalised and prepared for its debut and for general release – it’s a film that seems to demand answers, answers that Alex Salmond and the Scottish government are, I suspect, unlikely to give.

And just in case it’s starting to seem like this is a blog that knocks Scotland, can I recommed you also go here, for a sample of all that is good about that country.

Forvie Kirk, by the way, is in its own way a monument to the power of nature. It’s all that remains of a village that once stood among the coastal dunes; time, the tide, the ravages of nature and the shifting dunes swallowed the village and the ruined chapel is all that remains.

Perhaps the same will happen to Trump’s golf course; one can but hope.

John Manning

Freelance outdoor writer John Manning and his family are based in the Yorkshire Dales