Phew… tickets for the pacific Crest Trail talk have sold so well that we’ve had to change the venue.

The talk will now be held at St Peter’s Church in Stainforth. It’s much easier to find that the village hall, being just a stone’s throw from the car park and visible to those coming into the village from the campsite.

This wonderful, generous offer by our vicar, Roger, means that we can accommodate twice the numbers and still serve tea and coffees.

That means that tickets are still available in the Craven Heifer in Stainforth, and are now available once more at Cave & Crag, and at Castleberg Sports in Settle. Only two quid a pop folks.

Other fine refreshments will be available in the Craven Heifer immediately after the talk.

Many thanks to everyone for the fantastic level of support we’ve had for this event.

John Manning

Freelance outdoor writer John Manning and his family are based in the Yorkshire Dales

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