Taking the Dog for a Walk


Sophie Easterbrook’s about to take her dog, Patch, out for a walk.

Not just any walk however: the route she’s got planned for Patch makes the TGO Challenge look like a walk in the park. Over the next three months, starting Monday, Sophie and Patch plan to walk from John O’Groats to Land’s End, in aid of the the Dogs Trust, reported to be the UK’s largest dog welfare charity. The trust cares for stray and abandoned dogs in a network of 17 rehoming centres – last year it looked after 16,000 dogs that might otherwise have died or been put down.

Sophie’s got an excellent blog about the walk here in which she details her mission to find the best gear for the walk. Bear in mind that this i Britain she’s walking through and while the sun might be shining like a fried egg in a pool of shiny bright blue lard today, she’ll probably encounter everything from rain, sleet, hail, high winds, gales and all-enveloping mists of the kind that make map reading a misery. On the PCT in ’04 I had similar problems – some days I struggled to decide between the Factor 25 and the Factor 30!

Sophie and Patch will spend most of their nights either in their Terra Nova Laser tent or under a tarp; however I’m hoping that they’ll pop down here for a shower and a tin of Pal as they pass through the Yorkshire Dales – assuming that happens I’ll pop a post about their progress on this site, though that’s several weeks away at the moment. Might even treat them to a lamb Henry and a pint of Thwaites Original in the Craven Heifer!

Sophie’s funding the big adventure herself so that all funds raised will benefit the Dogs Trust – you can make a donation online here and find out more about the trust itself here.

* Photo shamelessly taken from Sophie’s blog page, without permission!

John Manning

Freelance outdoor writer John Manning and his family are based in the Yorkshire Dales