Just for fun this one, seeing as how I’m stuck indoors writing about gear, when I should be out there using it.

Not sure what Brock’s doing in the clip… fortunately there’s strategically placed foliage in the way!

Courtesy of BBC’s Breathing Spaces newsletter (cheers Angie). It’s not terribly clear in the final frame of the video but the fox is urging you to go to the BBC’s Breathing Spaces site and pick up some tips about how to help wildlife over the Christmas period.


By the way, if you fancy some graft and a bit of a physical workout this weekend, villagers in Stainforth are going to be “excavating” the old pinfold by the vicarage. Folk who are strong i’ th’ arm are welcome to come along and help chuck boulders out of the pinfold and into a skip.

Pinfolds were pens in which stray animals (sheep mainly, round here I’d guess) were placed until they were claimed by the shepherd or farmer who’d misplaced them.

The pinfold in Stainforth appears to have been filled with boulders, soil and all sorts over the years, so the village’s environment group is going to have a weekend clearing it out and eventually hopes to restore it.

No doubt it will find fresh purpose as somewhere to pen-in those folks who insist on walking around the village with the trouser legs tucked into their red rambling socks and asking for directions to Catrigg Force!

Work starts at 10am tomorrow and Sunday, whatever the weather! You’ll need gloves and wellies, preferably with toecaps, and a bit of muscle.

John Manning

Freelance outdoor writer John Manning and his family are based in the Yorkshire Dales