Wild camping – 1000 names!


Congrats to “Weird” Darren Christie (pictured – click on the pic for a bigger-than-life nasty fright), John Hee and all those who are pushing for wild camping in England and Wales to be legitimised.

Their e-petition on the Prime Minister’s website clocked up its 1000th name at the weekend – there’s a still a long way to go but with every new signature it gets harder and harder for ministers to overlook the growing call for us to have the simple right to camp responsibly, quietly and – let’s face it – invisibly in the English and Welsh countryside.

Deadline for signatures is May 24 this year – that’s less than two months now but with the total standing this afternoon at 1085 signatures, hitting the 2500 target must suddenly seem so much more feasible.


The guys haven’t eased up on lobbying other outdoors folk since the petition appeared but face plenty of counter arguments along the lines of: “Well, I’ve wild camped for years and never been caught – what’s the problem?” Or: “Hey, we’ve got away with up to now – why stick your head above the parapet?” Or again: “You’ll only draw attention to what we’re doing – keep quiet and no-one will know!”

Blimey! All the guys are looking for is a LEGITIMATE right to do what they enjoy doing. At the moment, wild campers are classed the same as folk who creep into industrial estates casing warehouses for sommat to nick. We shouldn’t have to feel like stalkers or burglars, or get bustled off some estate and charged with civil trespass just because we prefer to watch the sun rise through the door of a tent rather than a Holiday Inn window.

Anyway, that’s enough tirading (again).

Many thanks to all those who’ve signed up to the petition to date, well done the guys and the rest of you – please sign, and convince your hairy-assed, outdoor lovin’ pals to sign up too!



Have fun,



John Manning

Freelance outdoor writer John Manning and his family are based in the Yorkshire Dales

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